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2021 seems to start of good with civil servants as Min. Tweah tightens his belt to regularize the payment of civil servants’ salaries.

On today, January 4, 2021, the Minister of Finance & Development Planning, Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. instructed all spending entities to submit their payrolls on the 17th of each month to ensure that GOL’s employees are paid in time.

In a memo directed to all spending entities, Minister Tweah laid out guidelines that when followed could lead to civil servants taking home their hard earned salaries on the 25th of each month holding everything constant.

“To ensure the timely processing and disbursement of central government employees’ salaries, the ministry of finance & development planning is issuing the following directives as follow:

  • By the 1st of every month, the payroll period for the previous month should be closed, and dummy payroll for the current month should be sent to spending entities for review and administrative actions
  • By the 17th of every month, the spending entities should send in their payroll adjustments including change of account numbers, resignation, and other administrative actions
  • By the 17th of every month, the joint payroll team should complete the applicable adjustments and ensure payroll vouchers are signed by the designated officers of the spending entities before the close of business on the 18th of every month”.  The memo from Minister Tweah reads.

Minister Tweah further instructed the Comptroller and Accountant General (CAG) Mr. Janga Kowo to ensure that all checks are dispatched and deposited in their respective banks on the 20th of every month.

“By the 20th of every month, the office of the Comptroller and Accountant General (CAG) should ensure all checks are dispatched, deposited and employees’ salaries accounts are credited immediately by their respective banks”. The memo further stated.

Consistent with banks’ protocol, it takes seventy-two (72) hours to clear a check for payment. If the directives from the ministry of finance and development planning are well followed by all concerned parties, Civil servants will begin taking pay on the 25th of every month beginning February 2021.

In an attempted to discourage individuals from slacking in payroll related works, Minister Tweah threatens to submit names of noncomplying entities or individuals to the ministry of States for Presidential Affairs. The submitted list will then be published and made public accompanied by administrative actions from the angle of the Ministry of state for presidential affairs.

In conclusion, Minster Tweah encouraged all concerned parties to corporate to see to it that those working for their country should be appreciated by having their salaries in time.

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