Mayor Koijee Receives City Mayor of The Year 2020 Award

Monrovia: The Lord Mayor of the municipal city of Monrovia, Hon. Jefferson T. Koijee has been named “City Mayor of The Year 2020/2021” by the Women Voices Newspaper.
The youthful mayor was presented the award by officials of Women Voices Newspaper on Monday, January 18 at his Monrovia City Hall’s office in Monrovia, and championed as one of the best personalities and goal getters of the year 2020/2021, for his immense contributions and dedicated governmental services rendered to the nation and people.
The inscription on the award reads: “Certificate of award presented to Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee in recognition and appreciation of your exceptional accomplishment, dedicated and patriotic services aimed at sustaining peace, maintaining tranquility and fostering nation-building rendered during the year in retrospect (2020), for which you have deservingly won our CITY MAYOR OF THE YEAR – 2020/2021 accolade.”
The Women Voices Newspaper was established in March 2011 and is one of Liberia’s leading news and media institutions aimed at promoting women and children issues and advance change at the same time remaining commercially sustainable.
Speaking during the turning over of the award, madam Helen G. Nah-Sammie, CEO and Publisher of Women Voices Newspaper acknowledged that Mayor Koijee is a genuine inspiration to the young generation of Liberia. “We see him as a young mind that other people will be able to follow because this is a deep institution and in Monrovia, our citizens including us, even though we are from the media, are hardheaded”.She then appreciated his work and effort in curbing the scourge of COVID-19, highlighting some of his many contributions. “We watched him doing the coronavirus time when he was even washing the whole waterside. I followed him once or twice across the Duala area cleaning the place”, she added.
In furtherance, she said “walking from place to place thinking that people he’s going to meet would be affected and I knew that, I too got taste of it and said we can’t get vex. So looking at that when my people brought up his name I said oh yes, I followed him one or two or three times doing this work. And I see lot of young people who are probably sitting on the fence doing nothing. And you look at somebody within a position and you see them working, let’s put hands around them”.
In her concluding statement, Madam Helen G. Nah-Sammie mentioned that Liberia is our common denominator and that all Liberians, regardless of socioeconomic status, political and religious affiliation must work in unity for the collective betterment of the motherland. “Liberia is all what we have. We have to all work together to make this place a better place. So Mr. Jefferson Koijee, we congratulate you again and say thank you for your work that you are doing, continue to do what you are doing”, she added.
In acceptance of this prestigious award, Mayor Koijee lamented his deepest gratitude for such recognition and he admonished media institutions to not always see the negative aspect of their labor but to give them their accolade as in the maxim “give the man his flowers while he is alive”.
During his speech, Mayor Koijee said “not just the award, but the institution that has thought it wise to point out and notice contribution that public officials are making. And I can say to you, it’s quite easy to condemn, whether those who are condemning you get solution, condemnation is what people easily like to hear because it speaks to people’s situation. But too often because of something being so popular and easily launches people into popularity, people just go ahead doing that”.
He further move on to say “and to see you as a news agency that’s propagating the forward match of our country to rise above the challenges and circumstances in this country to point out, I want to say this is a nationalistic and patriotic step, and I think we as Liberians must begin to take our minds off negativity”.
Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee re-echoed that Liberia has come a long way and as such called on all patriotic and nationalistic citizens and public officials to begin to give attention to Women Voices Newspaper is going beyond her eye.
He said that one of the easiest things to seeing a paper being very strong and admired is to consistently demean and condemn government officials; and he thanked ‘Women Voices’ for helping to change and rewrite the narratives.
“I’m not saying that everything we do is right. In as much as you condemn us, you must muster the courage to be able to flag some of those positive aspects of our leadership, so we, too, can be inspired. What you have done today will serve as a source of inspiration that yes indeed our work is being monitored, not just being politicized and condemned, he concluded.
This award does not only serves as evidence to the many unique contributions made by Mayor Koijee, it also positively justifies the many advocacies led by this impeccable personality.
It can be recalled that in 2018, Mayor Koijee became the first Youth Leader in Liberia to win the prestigious Face of Trek Africa award in Nigeria which was the reflection of his many contributions to youth on the African continent.
He was honored in recognition of his exemplary leadership style, demonstration of excellence in the promotion and advocacy of African culture, talent and heritage coupled with his various empowerment gestures.
Mayor Koijee then became African Youth Role Model Personality of 2018.

About the author:
Alpha G. Gray is the Public Relations Officer/Spokesperson of the City Government of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia. He can be reached via the following:Email: or alphag.gray@yahoo.comContact(s): +231776915195/+231880040361

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