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Ahead of December 8 Special Midterm Elections, Political parties and independent candidates have engaged into campaign activities as instructed by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The campaign process has been extremely smooth and peaceful so far as there has been no provocation from any side since the commencement of the process.

Liberia as a country will be conducting her CONSTITUTIONAL Special Mid term ELECTIONS on December 8, 2020 through the National Elections Commission. This process aimed at fostering the peace and maintaining the democracy we envisage to see as a country and a people.

Opposition candidates in the Special Mid term elections in Monrovia, Hon. Abraham Darius Dillon receives US$28,000 as support from Mr. HENRY P. COSTA, a popular talk show host, member of the opposition political parties, chairman of the most pressure anti governmental group Council of Patriots (COP), and a political commentator and other donating partners.

Supporters of Opposition Candidate Sen. Darius Dillon campaigned peacefully

Meanwhile, Hon. Thomas P. Fallah, ruling party senatorial candidate has reemphasized the need of political coexistence. He urged his supporters to remain civil and peaceful while marketing their candidate.

He furher lamented on the importance of maintaining the peace which he claimed is the responsibility of each and every Liberian especially under the Weah-led government.

Ruling party campaigned without friction to maintain the peace

These ELECTIONS are expected to be observed by other continental organizations and institutions of integrity including the Economy Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Mano River Union (MRU), etc.

Africa is developing widely in social and economic depressioneand marginalisation. We, Africans must stand up as a people and continent to maintain and uphold the peace and stability of our continent.

As Liberians go to the polls soon, we hope to see a matured democracy and freedom of assembly by all Liberians and africans.

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