Executive Director
ED, Dorlas Dorley gave statement at the PAMOL Awards 2020
PAMOL Awards Events
Some attendees of the PAMOL Awards 2020 event

Striving for a Better Brighter Peaceful Liberia

Patriotic Movement of Liberia (PAMOL) is an organization formulated to project the gains of Liberia from both the public and private sectors. PAMOL is a non political movement that is fostering development through singling out and recognizing individual effort towards nation’s building.


To recalibrate Liberia’s image to its prewar status


To have investors and tourists attracted Liberia


Preserving Liberia’s integrity

Short Term Goal

The short term goal of the Patriotic Movement Of Liberia is to project a better image of Liberia as a country that will attract investors and tourists. 

Long Term Goal

The long term goal of the Patriotic Movement Of Liberia (PAMOL) is to build up the national community and its institutions, to correct for extreme polarization and divisiveness, to make a more perfect union.